Success Rates

Ovulation induction with IUI often increases the pregnancy rate by 2-3 times compared to the natural cycle. Thus if the estimated natural cycle conception rate was 4% (1 conception every 2 years) we would expect a pregnancy rate of 10-12% per month with ovulation induction with oral agents and IUI.

Our high pregnancy rates are achieved using very cost effective methods. We usually monitor our Clomid and Femara cycles using urinary ovulation predictor kits (OPK). When the OPK test turns positive IUI is usually performed the following day.

Our andrology lab has extensive experience preparing the semen sample to make it safe for IUI.  Simple wash or gradient preparations are used  to optimize IUI sample quality and increase pregnancy rates. We also provide semen sample preparation for gynecologist’s office in the Salt Lake City area.

Unlike most GYN offices who perform IUI, our andrology lab provides information on the semen volume as well as sperm concentration, motility, and progression as part of the IUI procedure. This can be helpful to monitor changes in semen parameters over time. On request, sperm morphology using Kruger strict criteria can also be performed on an IUI sample (a small drop of sperm is placed on a slide, fixed and stained. Then the morphology is scored by one of our highly experienced andrology technicians).

Morphology testing helps assess the sperm’s ability to penetrate an egg and can be helpful in determining whether continuing IUI is a reasonable treatment choice or whether more advanced treatments like IVF with ICSI are needed.

For women who do not ovulate with oral medications alone or couples who did not conceive with oral medications and IUI, we offer IUI cycles that combine oral medications with FSH injections. These cycles offer excellent success rates with low multiple rates (<20% chance for twin and <2-3% chance for triplets). We achieve these outcomes by combining Femara and FSH injections with carefully timed ultrasound monitoring (to minimize the cost) and hCG injections, when appropriate, to optimize the IUI timing. Using this protocol, 1-3 mature follicles are usually achieved, resulting in pregnancy rates almost as high as some program’s IVF statistics at a tenth the cost.

The infertility specialists and fertility nurses at RCC provide each couple in our practice with personalized care. Many of our patients conceive with ovulation induction (patients that are anovulatory) or ovulation enhancement (ovulatory but medications can optimize their ovulation, increase their egg production or enhance their luteal phase and luteal progesterone production) without the need for additional treatment.

From a cost efficiency perspective, the dollars spent per percent chance of pregnancy is often the lowest with IUI compared to more expensive options. Our excellent nurses with extensive fertility experience help coordinate and manage our IUI program under the direction of our reproductive endocrinology and infertility specialists.

Our ovulation induction team can be reached by E-mail at NP@FertilityDr.com. Reproductive Care Center sponsors free seminars about IUI, and other treatment options, every other month at the Sandy Library.

Please call to make an appointment with one of our infertility specialists or our Nurse Practitioner to discuss using IUI to increase your chances for conception.