New Appointments

You may schedule a new patient appointment by accessing our electronic patient portal, eIVF. If you prefer you can e-mail us or call 801.878.8888.

Once you have scheduled your appointment you will be assigned a user name and password to access to the patient portal. Completing the patient portal questionnaire and obtaining all pertinent medical to records in advance will allow our physicians to have access to all your records prior to your arrival.

This will help us provide the best advice possible for your medical situation during your initial consultation.

Our infertility specialists are usually available for initial consultations within 1 week. At the initial consult we try to provide patients with as much information as possible regarding diagnostic fertility tests that are indicated, specific treatment options and your fertility prognosis.

Many insurance companies will pay for the initial consult (co-pay may be required). See insurance coverage details.

Basic Information about the New Appointment

Patient Information