RCC's Salt Lake Valley Infertility Clinic
Sandy, Utah

Reproductive Care Center has infertility clinic locations in Sandy (South of Salt Lake City), Clearfield, (North of Salt Lake City and South of Ogden), Pleasant Grove (South of Salt Lake City and north of Provo) and Idaho Falls at the Idaho Falls IVF Center. We also see patients for consultations in several OB/GYN offices in Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming and Nevada .

The Sandy location serves as the IVF lab for all RCC infertility clinics. When choosing a clinic be sure to compare the IVF lab staff and equipment as these are critical factors for IVF success. Our center features a "State of the ART" laboratory designed in collaboration with one of the most highly regarded IVF lab environmental design teams - Alpha Environmental, Inc. The lab has specially designed high tech air handling systems that include carbon, HEPA and permanganate filters, pressurized rooms, continuous air filtering, magnetic coordinated door locks, and top of the line incubators providing the best possible environment for embryo development. We have two Ph.D. trained embryologists with advanced certifications on staff.

The lab has two specialized egg retrieval surgical suites with full anesthesia capabilities. The Sandy lab is CAP accredited, CLIA certified, and FDA inspected with meticulous quality control. The lab is also a Member of the Society of Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART) and we submit honest and accurate success rates data to SART and the CDC for public review.

Our Sandy fertility clinic is open daily 52 weeks/per year, except for Christmas. Dr. James Heiner, Dr. Keith Blauer and Dr. Harry Hatasaka see patients at this location.

Salt Lake Valley Location

10150 Petunia Way (10150 South 1405 East)
Sandy, UT 84092
Phone: (801) 878-8888
FAX: (801) 878-8890
E-mail Front Desk/Scheduling: Info@FertilityDr.com

Office Hours
Monday: 8 AM-5 PM
Tuesday:8 AM-5 PM
Wednesday: 8 AM-12 PM
Thursday:8 AM-5 PM
Friday: 8 AM-5 PM
Saturday: 8 AM-12 PM
Sunday as needed


Coming from the North: From I-15 take the 9000 St. South Exit 295 and go left to 1300 E. Turn right and go to the third light. Turn left on Sego Lilly then take the first left onto Petunia Way. The office will be on your left just past the open lot and before the Sandy Library parking lot.

Fastest Directions

Coming from the South: Take the Exit 291 toward Draper/Riverton. Take the ramp towards Draper. Merge onto E 12300 S. E 12300 becomes Draper Parkway. Turn left onto 1300 E (go approximately 2.6 miles). Turn right on Sego Lilly then take the first left onto Petunia Way. The office will be on your left just past the open lot before the Sandy Library parking lot.

Coming from the North: On I-15 take the I-215 exit Exit 298 – toward Belt Route. Merge onto I-215 via the exit on the left toward the Ski Areas. Take the Union Park Ave exit Exit 9. Take the Union Park Ave south ramp. Turn slight right onto Union Park Ave. Union Park Ave becomes 1300 E (go approximately 2.9 miles). Turn left onto Buttercup (just prior to the Sandy Library). Turn right onto Petunia Way. The office is just past the Library parking lot.

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