Sperm Freezing, Preserving Sperm for Future Use

Reproductive care Center (RCC) is committed to making sperm banking services available and has recently joined a Freezing Center Network comprised of top fertility centers around the country.

Who Needs to Utilize Sperm Banking?

With today's advances in reproductive medicine, cryopreserved sperm can be used in a variety of treatments to assist men to become fathers. Anyone who may be at risk for infertility should consider sperm banking. This includes men diagnosed with cancer, men undergoing certain types of surgeries, men involved in high-risk occupations, men undergoing vasectomy, and men who are already involved in fertility treatments who may not be available when needed.

With today's advances in reproductive medicine, cryopreserved sperm can be used in a variety of treatments to assist men to become fathers, ranging from IUI to IVF. We recommend that you discuss pre-treatment and post-treatment options with us to help you make the most informed decision.

The Process is Relatively Simple.

Appointments are usually available within 1-2 days for men preparing for cancer chemo/radiation therapies due to the often urgent nature of cancer treatments. It is desirable to bank all specimens before treatment (or high risk exposures begin); however, recent studies have indicated that viable samples may be collected after the initiation of some forms of treatment.

Be Prepared

Ideally, a patient should not have had any sexual activity for 2-5 days prior to each collection appointment. It is also important to have had at least one ejaculation between 5-10 days before the appointment. These time frames should not dictate the collection schedule for each patient but do provide for more successful sperm banking. Generally, 2-3 specimens will be adequate for multiple pregnancy attempts utilizing assisted reproductive technologies but patients are encouraged to collect and store as many samples as possible.

Required Testing

Current HIV (AIDS), hepatitis (B and C), and HTLV-I&II tests are required for sperm banking. These tests may be completed through our office.

Long Term Storage

Following cryopreservation, specimens are shipped to ReproTech for long-term cryostorage. ReproTech is inspected and accredited by the American Association of Tissue Banks. See http://www.reprotech.com for more details.

What Costs are Involved?

Most patients are surprised to learn that sperm storage costs less than a dollar a day. The cost for sperm freezing varies depending on the number of specimens banked. Current estimated costs include $550 for the initial medical history review, physician consult and infectious disease screening. Each specimen banked is $310. If adequate time is available, up to five samples can be banked for $800 and up to 10 samples can be banked for $1400. Shipping and handling costs may also be applicable.

Reprinted from CANCER, November 1, 1999/volume 86/number 9

"The technology of assisted reproductive techniques (ART) in recent years has progressed at a tremendous pace. Today, cryopreservation of sperm with subsequent ART can provide most post-therapy infertile cancer patients an opportunity to father children. Men who once had little or no chance of producing a pregnancy through assisted techniques due to “poor" semen quality now have fertility rates approaching that of patients undergoing standard IVF when there is no male infertility involved. As a result, cryopreservation of sperm should be attempted before therapy by all men who may want to father children in the future."

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