Choosing a Fertility Clinic

Our clinics offer the full range of services from the initial diagnosis and "first line" fertility treatments such as Clomid and IUI to IVF and other advanced reproductive technologies. Our clinics are staffed by four full time reproductive endocrinologists/ infertility specialists. Our specialists underwent extensive advanced training in the diagnosis and treatment of infertility including assisted reproductive technologies and delicate laparoscopic microsurgical techniques.

The choice of a clinic is one of the most critical decisions a couple will make in their quest to have a child. Some physicians advertise themselves as infertility specialists even though they have no advanced sub specialty training. These physicians usually offer Clomid therapy or sometimes stimulated IUI.  Many have discontinued these treatments as qualified specialists have expanded into more geographic areas. A couple cannot rely solely on the Yellow Pages or the Internet in making this most critical decision.

Stimulated IUI cycles must be monitored carefully by a fertility specialist or specially trained OB/GYN because the number of eggs recruited is often difficult to control. High order multiple births result when too many eggs are ovulated and fertilized. Patients undergoing IUI at a clinic that offers IVF have the option of converting their IUI to an IVF cycle.

When selecting a fertility clinic, there are several questions you should ask. Be sure that the physician you will see is board certified in reproductive endocrinology and infertility. You can also ask about the practice's IVF program and their laboratory accreditations.

One important element is the embryology staff , which is crucial for IVF success. Enquire about the embryologists experience, background, and training and what other infertility clinics he/she might have trained at. You can also learn the number of IVF cycles conducted each year, the fertilization rates, and how many donor egg cycles are conducted.

The best programs have embryologists with extensive training, and a Laboratory Director with a Ph.D. and certification as a High Complexity Laboratory Director (HCLD). Brett Reggio Ph.D., HCLD, the Laboratory Director at RCC, meets these training and certification criteria.

Visit the American Society of Reproductive Medicine Web site to help identify clinics in your area. The Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology posts IVF success rates for reputable infertility clinics that submit data to them and the Centers for Disease Control. The staff at Reproductive Care Center are members of both organizations.