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Reproductive Care Center has helped couples and single patients with infertility for over 25 years. Using the latest medical developments, our team of infertility specialists determine the best treatment choices for each patient. We understand infertility and offer the best treatments and solutions including IVF treatment, IUI procedures, fertility drug medications, embryology, and more.

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"Very friendly office staff and nursing team, Jayne or Dr. Heiner always respond to questions promptly and on-call doctors are great!"


"The Idaho Falls staff are the nicest and are so sweet. They are super helpful through the process."


"The doc was great very patient and calm. The team was responsive and professional!!"


"Doctor Blauer was great. I have loved the clinic, they have been so patient and helpful. It is a lot of information to get at once, but they print everything out for you so it's stress free and you can look back at the notes."


"My experience is a little different. I came in after being at the U of U for 5 years and 2 miscarriages. I came here as a last hope, a fresh chance. I went to my appt thinking he was going to tell me, "let’s get you pregnant" because that's what everybody else had said. Instead he sat us down in his office and very strongly encouraged us to stop trying. What?? That's right. He shut us down. Because he was an amazing doctor and wasn't in it for the money. He explained what I was doing to my body and the risks of us going forward. He sat there and held my hand while I cried because deep down inside I knew he was right. A month later I had to go in for an emergency hysterectomy. 1 year after that we adopted our most precious gift. I'm so glad Dr. Heiner told us the truth instead of what I wanted to hear. Brutal honesty saved my life and my sanity."


I am currently 15 weeks pregnant with our first baby thanks to Dr. Maas and her team at RCC. Nurse Jane was phenomenal with fielding questions and responding quickly. I loved that you can text the nurses with questions and they were very attentive throughout the entire process. We will definitely be returning for this little boys sibling! I can’t recommend this place enough.


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“It wasn’t just the doctors, it was the nursing staff, it was the medical assistants, it was the embryologists, it was the whole staff that came together to cheer us on.”

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Reproductive Care Center’s team consists of two board-certified infertility experts that have more combined experience than any other infertility clinic in the region. Our physicians offer personalized care for all patients and deliver the highest quality fertility treatment in Utah and Idaho. Working with our team, you will better understand the cause of your infertility so a plan can be created offering the best treatment options, utilizing the latest techniques and technology, our infertility clinic can help you grow your family.

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