Unexplained Infertility

Approximately one in five couples will be diagnosed with unexplained infertility even after going through a complete fertility work-up.

When care is sought from a Reproductive Endocrinologist/Fertility specialist, a cause for a patient’s infertility is more likely to be found.


Unexplained infertility is perhaps one of the most frustrating “diagnoses” because there is no specific organ system that can be targeted for treatment, however, it is one of the most successfully treated diagnoses. Advancement in science and testing have helped reduce the number of cases classified as unexplained, making this one of the most successfully treated diagnoses. Our fertility specialists in Utah can help determine causes and best steps to overcoming unexplained infertility.

Causes of Unexplained Infertility

Many believe a major portion of unexplained infertility cases are due to genetic abnormalities in the egg and/or sperm. There may be unidentified genetic “diseases” that inhibit successful fertilization of the egg and embryonic development.

Treatment Options


Stimulated IUI is often a “first line” treatment. This depends upon factors such as age and previous treatments.


IVF may also be considered a primary treatment in many patient types. One advantage of IVF is that it allows the fertility specialist and embryologist to visually document successful fertilization and cell division. This is possible because the sperm and egg are combined in a Petri dish where fertilization occurs.

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We are so confident we can help grow your family that we offer a 100% IVF money back guarantee.

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