Donor Egg In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

With donor egg IVF, the eggs of a donor are used for in vitro fertilization. Our specialists have extensive donor egg IVF experience. The first private, in-house, donor egg agency in Utah was at Reproductive Care Center.

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Donor Egg Overview

Donor egg IVF brings hope to women who can’t use their own eggs to become pregnant. Women are born with a lifetime’s supply of eggs and each month one or more eggs mature and are ovulated. Egg quality declines as a natural consequence of aging, leading to menopause. Some women experience poor egg quality (reduced ovarian reserve) at younger ages which can cause infertility.

Donor eggs can be used in women of almost any age as long as she has no serious disease and her uterus is healthy. Successful pregnancies have been reported for women in their fifties, however, most programs have a maximum recipient age.




Egg donors undergo extensive physical and psychological testing to insure their suitability.


Development of Eggs

The donor’s ovaries are stimulated with FSH causing the development of many eggs.


Formation of Embryos

The donor eggs are retrieved, fertilized with sperm and cultured to form embryos.


Transfer of Embryos

The recipient’s cycle is synchronized with the donor’s and the embryos are transferred into the recipient’s uterus.

Donor Egg IVF Success Rates

Success rates using donor eggs are typically high due to better egg quality. Success rates using frozen/thawed eggs are similar. We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee IVF program.


Donor Egg IVF may be the best treatment option for people with these conditions.

Women whose eggs have been damaged by cancer chemotherapy or high dose radiation

Eggs can be frozen and stored before cancer treatments to prevent this damage.

Ovaries were removed

Reduced ovarian reserve or premature ovarian failure

Multiple failed IVF cycles for unexplained reasons

Prevent transfer of genetic disease

Poor embryo quality

Menopausal women

Money back guarantee

We are so confident we can help grow your family that we offer a 100% IVF money back guarantee.

Reproductive Care Center specialists will help you understand treatment options.

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