Women Over 35 (Ovarian Reserve Issues)

Egg quality can deteriorate with age.

Women in their thirties should see a specialist after six months (or sooner) of trying to conceive.


Fertility can decline rapidly for women over the age of 35 as ovarian reserve (egg quality) can decline with age. Studies show that early treatment by an infertility specialist results in pregnancy sooner, at a lower cost.

In instances where the female partner is age 35 or older and the male partner has had a vasectomy and wants to father a child using his own sperm, in vitro fertilization (IVF) offers the best chance for pregnancy success as it usually takes longer to conceive following vasectomy reversal compared to IVF.

Causes of Ovarian Reserve Issues

A woman’s ovaries lose their reproductive potential, negatively impacting egg quality, as a woman ages. With age, not only does fertility decline, but the rate at which it declines actually increases the older a woman gets.

Smoking, genetic abnormalities, and treatments for cancer and endometriosis can also negatively impact ovarian reserve.

Treatment Options


Women with poor ovarian reserve can achieve pregnancy using a donor egg implanted through IVF.

Women who are concerned with declining quality of ovarian reserve can freeze (cryopreserve) their eggs (Oocytes) for use through IVF in the future. Click here for more information regarding the egg (Oocyte) retrieval process and costs.

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